What is the best advice in life? that you will need for the rest of life

Find the best life advice for a fulfilling journey. Science says that the amount of semen that an adult healthy man ejaculates once has 400 million sperm. So, according to logic, if that amount of sperm were placed in the womb of girls, then 400 million babies would be created. These 400 million sperm run like crazy towards the mother’s uterus, and only 300–500 sperm survive. And the rest? On this run, he dies of exhaustion or defeat. Out of these 300–500 sperm that make it to the ovum, only one super-strong sperm fertilises the ovum or implants itself in the ovum. That lucky sperm is either you, me, or all of us.

Have you ever thought of this great war?

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❒ When you ran, there were no eyes, hands, feet, or heads, yet you won.

❒ When you ran, you had no certificate and no brains, yet you won.

❒ When you ran, you had no education; no one helped you, yet you won.

❒ When you ran, you had a destination and ran single-mindedly with a single mind set towards that destination, and you won in the end.



❒ Many babies are spoiled in the mother’s stomach but you are not dead; you have completed 10 whole months

❒ Many babies die at birth but you survived

❒ Many babies die in the first 5 years of life, but you are still alive

❒ Many children die of malnutrition but nothing happened to you

❒ Many have left the world on the way to growing up but you are still there 



You get nervous and frustrated when something happens, but why? Why do you think you lost? Why have you lost confidence? Now you have friends, brothers and sisters, certificates—everything. There are hands and feet, there is education, there is a brain to plan, and there are people to help, yet you have lost hope। When you don’t give up on the first day of life। He fought to the death with 400 million sperm and won the competition alone, without anyone’s help.


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