Discover the Important Moral of the Hare and Tortoise Story

The formula for success is teaming up and harnessing each other’s skills, moving forward with everyone.

We all know the story of turtles and rabbits from that early period. But the interesting thing is that we have heard more of the first chapter. But there are three more chapters to this story. Which maybe some of us have heard, some have not heard.

Chapter 1: In this chapter, the rabbit falls asleep, and the turtle wins। After losing the first time, Rabbit analyzed and found that the main reason for his defeat was ‘overconfidence।’ That means overconfidence is harmful to anyone. And the turtle understood that if you stick to it, success will come!

Chapter 2: After losing, the rabbit again challenged the turtle to a race, and the turtle also agreed. This time the rabbit finished the race without sleeping and won। The rabbit understood that if you work with your mind to the fullest of your ability, you can be successful quickly. And the turtle realized that it is better to walk slowly and steadily, but if there is no suitable speed at work, it is impossible to win in a competitive environment!

Chapter 3: The turtle once again invited the rabbit to the race. The rabbit also freely agreed. Then the turtle said, “We ran twice on the same road, this time on another road.” Rabbits also agree। So the race started on the new road. As usual, the rabbit started running hard. The turtle also started following him. When the turtle reached the rabbit, he saw the rabbit standing but could not reach the end of the race. Because there is a canal before the end of the race. The turtle looked at the rabbit once, then went down into the water in front of him and crossed the canal to reach the end of the race to win the competition. The rabbit understood that it is not only necessary to rely on your own strength but also to understand the situation and reality! And the turtle realized that first we have to find out the weakness of the competitor, then we have to plan accordingly.

But this is not the end of the story.

Chapter Four: This time the rabbit called the turtle for another race on this same road। Turtle and agree। But this time they decided, not as competitors, but as partners! The competition has started. The rabbit picked up the turtle on its back, ran to the front of the canal, and stopped. Now the turtle got off the back of the rabbit and crossed the canal with the rabbit on its back. Then again, the turtle climbed on the back of the rabbit and finished the rest of the race, and this time both of them won together.

As we learned, having personal skills is great. But true success comes only when teaming up and harnessing each other’s skills, where everyone can smile and be the winner.

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