Who was the youngest revolutionary who was hanged?

The youngest man executed in America in the 20th century was George Steeney Jr.।

At the age of 14, the boy was executed in an electric chair.

From the day of the trial until his death, the little boy had the Bible in his hand. Every moment, the boy claimed to be innocent.

He was accused of killing two white girls. One of the dead is Betty, 11 years old; the other is Mary, 7 years old. The bodies of two unfortunate people were found near their own houses.

All the juries at the time were white. The trial lasted only 2 hours. Just 10 minutes after the trial, the verdict was pronounced. Apart from threatening to kill Steenie’s parents, their son was not allowed to give any gifts in the courtroom either. Later, they were expelled from the city.

George Stinney was in jail for 81 days before his death. At that time, he was not allowed to meet his parents. Stinney was kept in a solitary cell, about 80 kilometers from his hometown.

George Stinney was executed by applying 5380 volts of electricity to his head.

70 years after his death, a judge in South Carolina proved that George Stinney was innocent. The weight of the beam that killed the two girls was more than 19 kg. At the age of 14, it was impossible for Steenie to raise that insurance. It is a long way off to hit that beam fatally।

Stiny was completely innocent. The whole plot was arranged; only because he was black, the arrow of accusation went to the poor.

Inspired by this incident, Stephen King wrote his book “The Green Mile.” ।

Now I often hear that people were very humane in the past. Sting lies। Humans were animals before and still are. Earlier, it was not only published; now it is. Herein lies the difference.

(Source: Vintage News)

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