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Let me ask you this first.

Where is Atlanta?

If you don’t live in the US or are familiar with a map of North America, chances are you can answer that question.

Yes, you’ve heard of Atlanta, but you don’t know where it is.

Now, where am I blabbing about Atlanta?

Someone created a blog about Atlanta, which is now selling for 1.2 million USD


Here’s the quick back story.

This woman was a product manager for a company, and she was happy. Then she becomes pregnant and after having two boys, she wishes.

“I want to travel more with my kids”.

So she quit her job as a product manager and started traveling with her kids.

At the same time, he also started a blog to talk about his travel experiences.

This is the blog: https://365atlantatraveler.com/

A very simple-looking website only has written content; nothing fancy.

You know what the rest of the story will be.

Initially, nothing happened.

Then some visitors started arriving.

Then there were more.

Today, this blog earns $14,000 to $20,000 USD/month.

And they decided to sell the website in a market for USD 1.2 million

If you want to explore more, here is the list:


The treasure is in the niche. Always go for the smallest market you think is serviceable. Don’t target everyone. They targeted the Atlanta travel market, which was extremely small. Then they spread to other cities.

SEO is alive and well. Don’t worry about all the AI ​​madness and Google updates. You can still be successful with SEO in 24 months.

If you create a blog, focus on building a social presence. Don’t rely 100% on one source of traffic. They had a very good Facebook and Instagram following, which helped them get that 1.2 million valuation number.

On Friday, we truly believe that everyone should have a blog as a side hustle.

do you?

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