How could you have improved your career progress?

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1: Masturbation।

2: overthinking।

3: Laziness।

4: Tendency to finish any work at the very last minute।

5: Not leaving the comfort zone means always living in your own comfort world.

6: Excessive use of social media। They will always post something that will attract your attention. Because their income comes from you।

7: Watch porn and such web series. Avoid feeding your mind and brain. These will create many problems in your career.

8: Don’t try to suppress emotions. You can never grow if you try to control or suppress your emotions wrongly.

9: Lying with the past। What’s to go is gone।

Go ahead।

10: Making bad comments on social media। Everything can be tracked nowadays. Even if you are using a fake account, it is possible to track your activities with your IP (Internet Protocol Address). Your social media profiles can also be analyzed when you get a good position in a company.

11: Engaging yourself in activities that do not apply to you or are useful to you।

12: Having extra and unrealistic expectations from the wrong people।

13: Always saying “yes।

14: Everything in excess is wasteful and harmful. Do not overdo anything. Being ambitious or always positive will not help you in your career. Gain a little satisfaction and set goals that are within your limits.

15: Not being prepared for change।

16: Addiction (social media, drugs, etc.)

17: Tendency to be influenced by the words of others।

18: Comparing yourself to others।

19: Criticising others and being jealous of the success of others।

20: Being indifferent to Karma (karma)। What you cherish today in mentality or work will come back one day, and you will get its reward one day.

21: Excessive spending or being unaccountable।

22: Hoping to get more from your parents। Such a tendency to think that if their income was a little higher, maybe my life would not be like this।

Listen, now it’s your turn to repay their debt. They might have lived a very comfortable life with their loved ones by spending money on expensive things. But they spent money on you instead of doing that. Respect them।

I want to end by saying another thing.

“Be honest with yourself. Stop talking about your limitations. You are getting sad. Start taking responsibility for your own life, and only then can you cover your life’s failures with success.

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