Make your life easier with these clever daily life hacks! Learn practical tips for a smoother day-to-day routine.

01. You’ve gone somewhere, but you feel like you’re smelling or feeling something like that from your mouth, but you don’t even have a toothbrush or toothpaste, so do one thing: take an apple and chew it well. It will remove a lot of odors from your mouth.

02. Your ears hurt a little, but even if the ear does not ring, it seems incompatible. Do one thing: apply some amount of Vaseline to your air ring and then use it. You will see that it will save you from a lot of irritation.

03. Itching the throat is one of the problems nowadays; even the throat of many people sniffs a little। You need to eat cucumber as a solution to this problem. Eating cucumber will cut the dryness of your throat, and you will get rid of itching.

04. Did you know that bathing with cold water not only helps with facial acne but also helps in brightening your skin color? We know that acne is usually seen due to the secretion and heat of some hormones in the body.

05. Many of us often accidentally get chewing gum on our clothes, and once chewing gum is applied, only the person who wears it knows what it takes to remove it from the clothes. But you can easily remove it by applying vinegar. Throw the vinegar in hot water and throw the hot water over the chewing gum, and then you will see the magic। You can easily remove chewing gum with your fingers.

06. You need to open the SIM tray of your mobile, but you don’t have a SIM ejector pin. Do one thing: insert one end of the small paper clip into the SIM ejector place, and you will see it open.

07. This trick called wooden spoon has been popular since ancient times। When pressed to boil something, the water overflows for a while. To solve this problem, put a wooden pole on the mouth of the pot; this wooden pole will stop overflowing. 

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