Cancer: Everything You Need to Know About Its Origins

As uncontrolled and unruly behavior causes various wounds in society, all the abnormal cells that behave in an orderly and uncontrolled manner separate from the normal cells of our living body are the causes of cancer in the living body।

Uncontrolled division of abnormal neoplastic cells and the resulting uncontrolled growth affect the normal functioning of the cells, attack the surrounding cells and tissues at a high rate, and spread through blood and sapica in different places, causing inflation in different parts of the body and thereby severely disrupting the normal functioning of the cells and the body. Cancer even leads to the death of the organism as a whole, which is actually a combination of some diseases.

Substances that are responsible for causing cancer are called carcinogens.

Normal cell rhythm but actually causes cancer in the organism। To give a very simple example of how exactly the rhythm falls, you can accommodate up to 18 people in the small room of your room। By measuring the length, width, and height of your room, you see that the volume you get is equal to the body volume of 18 people। That means those 18 people can live comfortably in that room of yours. Now if those 18 people are not 3 people every hour, 6 people 9 people, 18 people like this, invite their friends to that little room of yours, and if you are forced to give them access to that little room of yours, then the incident that will happen in your little room is the cancer of any part of our body।

Uncontrolled division and their growth disrupt the functioning of each cell and affect the cells of the surrounding area, resulting in structural and functional defects in each organ or device as a whole. At one time, a minor disease and later a fatal disease turned into cancer. Not all cancers are fatal, but several cancers that we call benign can be cured with very little medical treatment. But cancers that go into the mellignant stage eventually become fatal.

Cancer can be caused by various reasons.

1) Carcinogens: Various chemicals and physical substances that have carcinogenic effects can cause cancer. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, X rays, and gamma rays cause skin cancer. Available from tar tobacco, which causes lung cancer. Aflotoxin can cause liver cancer.

2) Oncovirus: There are several viruses (such as hepatitis B virus, retrovirus, and herpes virus) that can cause cancer.

3) Tumor inhibiting gene: A type of tumor suppression gene called APC cannot prevent the formation of tumors in the animal body due to absence or mutation, resulting in cancer. Such cancers can occur in the intestines and rectum.

4) Oncogenes: Some genes that inhibit cell division and protein synthesis in the animal body cause cancer. Under the influence of this oncogene, cancer occurs in the lungs and blood cells of the breast and human body.

5) Man-made causes: Human cells and genes can become mutants very quickly due to the entry of chemicals into the human body at a high rate. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers on agricultural land can be an indirect cause of cancer in the human body. Cancer can be caused if any harmful chemicals or carcinogens enter our body through crops and vegetables. The better the human body is kept away from the carcinogenic effects of tar naphthalene (X-rays when the bone breaks),

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